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Welcome to Healthy Nerms

“Nerms” has some pretty weird definitions on Urban Dictionary, but in my mind I’ve always used the term to describe something delicious…something along the lines of “erm nerm nerm nerm”

I’m almost always thinking about food and have never been one of those people that just “forget” to eat – how?! HOW? One of the things I’m most grateful of in life is being part of a family that’s really good at making food. My grandma was an incredible cook and baker, who passed her skills onto my mom, who passed her skills onto my oldest brother, who has been a professional chef for over five years. I’m definitely not up to that capacity, but thankfully I love making food just as much as I love eating it.

I’m also really grateful of the fact that I was raised on wholesome ingredients, fruits, and vegetables, helping me genuinely love eating foods that are good for body. I am so far from perfect and have definitely had my rough phases i.e. college, I’m looking at you. A post on my relationship with food will be the first!

The term balance has become pretty common these days and I fully embrace that lifestyle. My boyfriend and I do our very best to eat really well ~71.4% of the time, aka eating healthy, wholesome meals during the week to give ourselves more freedom on the weekend.

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about how I maintain my lifestyle, so I figured my blog would be a good outlet for that information. My ultimate goal in life is to forge a path for myself that will benefit others, and I certainly hope this is a step further in that direction.

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