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Final Stop

Alas, I made it to my 13th and final country this year. I got to Toronto yesterday and have been hit by the usual slew of stress and fast-paced business that I didn’t miss at all, but one of the things exchange taught me that was possibly the most important for me was to slow down and stop taking everything too seriously.

Adjusting to life back at home was hard at first, but I grew to appreciate the boredom and utilized my time as best I could. Home is comfortable and the food is delicious, so there’s not too much to complain about. Waking up to my 10-year-old golden retriever wasn’t half bad either. I’m happy that I was able to work with my 80-year-old boss (and role model) almost every day. He gave me 2 signed books, which he’s never done before. He’s given me 2 posters before but never any books or original prints. I feel like we hit a milestone in our relationship and I couldn’t be happier with the gifts.


I’m sitting in a coffee shop now with plenty of things I could be doing but I chose to reread these blog posts that make me more happy than sad. I also used to think that focusing too much on the past would halt me from moving forward, but I don’t think that’s the case if it makes me happy. Now off to my best friend’s cottage for the weekend who I haven’t seen since March in Dublin for some much needed best friend time and last taste of sweet summer time.


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