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Greetings from Massachussetts

In the past 30 hours Luke and I took a train to southwest Connecticut, drove to the middle of Connecticut, drove 2 hours northeast to a suburb of Boston, then repeated the same trip back. I never thought about how easy it is to travel between states here compared to being in Toronto, when I rarely even leave the downtown bubble.

We went to Massachusetts for a memorial service to celebrate the life of a friend that Luke studied abroad with in London 2 years ago. Even though I never met him, it was a very heartwarming/-rending service and definitely made me wish that I had known him. From all the speeches that were given by his family members and closest friends, it was obvious that he was loved by all and had a significant impact on everyone’s lives.

What each of his family members and friends stressed the most was his ability to live in the moment and not stress the little things. His life was taken by cancer at only 22 years old but he accomplished all that he could in life during his (too) short of time to the utmost of his ability. Days like these make me appreciate everything that I did today, and yesterday, all the ones before, and after that. We’ve all heard “live today like it’s your last” a thousand times, but did he think he was going to get diagnosed with cancer at 21 years old? Does anyone think they’re going to get diagnosed with cancer? No, of course not, but every day is a gift that I definitely take advantage of too often.

As I mentioned, Luke met him when he studied abroad in London, along with a group of friends that he loves. I guess the main point of this is to say how happy I am that they all met each other and had the opportunity to share some of the greatest memories of their lives together, and that I wish my experience abroad will be equally as memorable.

very thankful to always have my favorite person by my sideVery thankful to always have my favorite person by my side

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